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Daytona Beach, Florida is famous for its stunning beaches and sceneries, but apart from this, harsh weather conditions such as hurricanes and storms are common in the area. These extreme weather patterns may cause minor or major damages to your roof.

Your roof should be properly installed and you’ll need regular roof maintenance to ensure that your roof will survive the elements. We are a reliable roofing contractor in Daytona Beach, Florida and we offer customized solutions to your residential roofing needs.

residential roofing daytona

Residential Roofing Daytona Beach, FL

asphalt shingle roofing daytona beach, fl

Asphalt Shingles

Many homeowners in Daytona Beach, Florida choose asphalt shingles for their homes. Asphalt shingles can be used on different types of residential roofs. The versatility of asphalt shingles makes them the best roofing material for complicated roof designs.

Asphalt shingles are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Newer shingles can mimic traditional roofing styles such as cedar shakes as well as slate. They’re very easy to install and you don’t need to put additional reinforcement on your roof since they’re lightweight.

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Shingles come in three different types such as three-tab shingles, dimensional shingles, and luxury shingles. Three-tab shingles are durable and economical. They’re made up of a single layer and they’re extremely thin as compared to architectural shingles.

On the other hand, architectural shingles are made from high-quality materials. They’re also called dimensional shingles. This type of shingle is covered with ceramic mineral granules and often covered with water-resistant asphalt.

Architectural shingles are heavier and thicker as compared to three-tab shingles and are more resistant to extreme weather conditions. They’re made from high-quality materials and are more expensive than three-tab shingles.

Luxury shingles are more aesthetically-appealing as compared to three-tab and architectural shingles. They can mimic traditional roofing materials such as classic cedar and slate material. Luxury shingles are also resistant to inclement weather conditions.

Most asphalt shingles have a lifespan of 20 years or more if properly maintained. However, prolonged exposure to severe weather conditions and algae buildup can shorten the lifespan of asphalt shingles.

Additionally, asphalt shingles are resistant to fire and since they’re made of organic material or mat, they don’t produce any noise when it rains hard. However, asphalt shingles have some disadvantages.

Extreme weather can cause asphalt shingles to curl, buckle, or swell. Despite the disadvantages, asphalt shingles are still an excellent roofing choice for your residential roofing project. They’re durable, affordable, and easy to install.

Slate Shingle

Slate has been around for many centuries and is another excellent type of residential roofing material. It’s a sedimentary rock that is made from clay or volcanic ash. Slate offers a natural color with different patterns, designs, and styles.

Since it’s made from a rock, it gives a natural, classy, and elegant appeal. Slate is a very durable type of roofing material. However, they’re extremely heavy and you would need additional reinforcements on your roof to make sure they hold the weight of slate.

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slate shingle daytona beach fl

There are many advantages to using slate material. They’re resistant to molds, freezing, and frost. Since it’s made from a natural material, it doesn’t absorb water as well as moisture. The downside to using slate is that they’re pricey.

Overall, slate is still an excellent choice of roofing material for your residential roofing project. Given the weather patterns in Daytona Beach, Florida, slate can withstand harsh weather conditions.

wood shake shingle roofing daytona beach fl

Wood Shake

Wood shake is also a great choice for your home’s roof. If you’re considering a more natural look for your home, then wood shake is the way to go. Wood shake is also weather-resistant and impact-resistant.

Cedar is the most common type of wood that is used in wood shakes. Wood shake or wood shingles have excellent insulation properties. Since they’re made from natural materials, they look better as they age. They’re environment-friendly and fully recyclable.

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On the other hand, cedar contains natural preservatives that help prevent moisture from penetrating the wood and prevent pests from degrading the wood. Cedar does not shrink and maintains its natural form, unlike asphalt shingles.

Wood shake is a classic and elegant material. Since they’re energy-efficient, they provide excellent insulation and they’ll keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

However, there are also disadvantages to using wood shake. They’re heavy and expensive and they’re also very difficult to install as compared to asphalt shingles.

Even though they have natural preservatives to keep moisture and pests away, they’re still made of wood, and moss or algae can grow on them. That is why it’s still essential to properly maintain wood shake. Wood shake is an excellent residential roofing material.

Clay Tile

Another natural material is clay. It features a natural earth color and has been used as a roofing material for thousands of centuries. Clay is also one of the most popular traditional roofing materials used for residential properties.

They can improve the curb appeal of your home especially if you have a roof with a steep slope design. Similar to concrete tiles, they’re extremely durable and have a long lifespan. If properly maintained, they can reach for up to 50 years or more.

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clay tile roofing daytona beach fl

When compared to asphalt shingles, clay does not rot or shrink. Many homeowners are using clay tiles because they’re resistant to fire, heat, and insects. The arrangement of clay tiles on a roof creates a stunning roof pattern.

They’re also energy-efficient and they have excellent insulation properties. Not only do they provide excellent air circulation, but they also help regulate the temperature of your home.

When compared to metal roofs and asphalt shingles, they don’t expand due to extreme heat. They’re also resistant to frost and salt and they’re able to maintain their natural form and color. This makes clay an excellent residential roofing material for properties near the beach.

Since clay is natural-looking, they can blend with any type of siding material. However, clay is expensive and extremely heavy just like concrete. If you’re considering clay as a roofing material, you’ll need additional reinforcements to your roof.

concrete tile roofing daytona beach fl

Concrete Tile

Concrete tile is a durable material similar to clay. The lifespan of high-quality concrete can reach up to 100 years or more if properly maintained. Since clay is more expensive, concrete can be used as a substitute for clay.

Concrete comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and you can choose the best design that will perfectly blend with your home’s siding. Similar to clay, they’re also fire-resistant. However, they’re difficult to install and extremely heavy.

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You’ll need to make sure that the structural integrity of your roof will not be affected by the weight of concrete. There are also certain drawbacks to using concrete and they’re prone to stains and discoloration over time.

Algae and moss can also grow on concrete and they’re less resistant to freezing and frost can cause concrete to crack. However, concrete is still an excellent residential roofing material.

Metal Roof

A popular roofing material that is used in the state of Florida is metal roofing. The lifespan of metal can reach 50 years or more, but it depends on the type of material used. Metal is very durable, impact-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Metal does not crack when compared to clay and concrete tile. They’re also fire-resistant and energy-efficient. They’re also environment-friendly and are fully recyclable.

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metal roofing daytona beach fl

Although metal is a durable type of material, they would still require regular inspections to make sure they’re in excellent condition. Metal is easy to maintain unlike other types of roofing materials.

However, the drawback of using metal as a roofing material includes longer installation time and labor costs. When compared to asphalt shingles, metal is more expensive and creates a loud noise during heavy rain.

A professional roofing contractor put additional layers into the roofing system to reduce the noise. Additional layers mean additional costs. Metal is also susceptible to dents and rust. It may affect the curb appeal of your home.

When replacing metal roofs, a new metal roof might not match the original color of the old metal roof. It might be difficult to purchase an exact match considering that the old roof was already exposed to different types of weather.

If you’re concerned with the curb appeal of your home, you can replace the entire roof so the colors would match or have them painted with the color of your choice. Metal is a reliable residential roofing material.

The Perfect Roofing Material
For Your Home

There are several factors you’ll need to consider when choosing the perfect material for your home. Your location and the common weather conditions you’re experiencing in the area are just some of the important factors for choosing the right roofing material.

The slope and design of your roof can also affect your choice of roofing material. Every roofing material has its advantages and disadvantages. If you’re not sure about what type of material to use, it would be best to ask your local roofing contractor.

As a reliable roofing contractor in Daytona Beach, Florida, we’ll guide you and help you choose the perfect roofing material for your residential property. Call us today for a free quote!

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